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Champ Al Malik SAFI No 40.508.012

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The Persians called it Nargile (which in Persian means coconut), because the first clay made had an Indian coconut instead of a bottle. Then the Turks gave it the name Schischek (meaning bottle), after giving it the form it has to this day. They also made the first hookah tobacco, which they named Tombak, and thus the use of hookah began to spread in the Arab countries they had conquered.
Enjoy your hookah ... without the harmful effects of smoking.
The smoke will pass through the water and tar - nicotine - chemicals are retained.

Way of use

The bottle has clean water usually up to the middle. After the airtight connection to the vertical pipe is placed at its upper end, called lulas, a blend of tobacco sold commercially and is much more harmless than cigarette smoke (this tobacco is produced specifically for hookah). Then, with small metal tweezers, pieces of burning coal are placed on the mixer, which has previously been lightly pressed by hand. So as soon as the smoker starts to suck, the amount inside the air bottle decreases, vacuum is created, and the smoke from the burning smoke (usually of the "tombeki" variety) together with air enters the bottle through the vertical pipe causing bubbles and turbulence in the water. with low noise, the so-called "murmur". This passage of smoke through the water that filters it cools it and is the main feature that differentiates the hookah from other smoking devices.

ceramic bowl
Included: Bottle
Bottle color: Red
Hookah body: Bronze
Lai with rubber and wooden handle
Height: 30cm

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