Kemei KM-708 Ultrasonic Face Hydration Device (oem)

Kemei KM-708 Ultrasonic Face Hydration Device (oem)

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Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Facial Nano Spray Steamer KEMEI KM-708

The Ultrasonic Face Hydration Device uses ultrasonic oscillatory ultrasonic technology to break down water in a nanoscale size that is fed into the atomizer's atomizer at a molecular level and sprayed in the form of a cloud to be absorbed immediately by the skin and provide natural, and in-depth hydration.

The last word in the professional care of the person.
Now you can deeply hydrate your skin at any time of the day and wherever you are and even without even removing your makeup.
Forget about expensive creams and other unhealthy moisturizing products that increase greasy and sebaceous hypersecretion.
Caring for the facial skin starts with good moisture. Use the device as often as you like for gentle, shiny and supple skin.
Give your skin the water it needs and you will see that many of your skin problems will soon begin to disappear.
When our skin is properly hydrated, its defense system is naturally enhanced. Thus, the healthy, soft and supple skin that we all seek is no longer a distant dream, regardless of age, time of year, or the particular texture of each skin. The ability of the skin to retain on its own the necessary water elements decreases over time.
Hydration of the facial skin plays an important role in this health and at the same time to maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free face.
The device is extremely small and light in size as much as a roll-on deodorant and you can always have it with you. It is rechargeable via a USB port and has a capacity of 14ml that lasts for many sprays during the day.
And of course, along with water you can use extra ingredients such as essential oils or herbal extracts for even greater efficiency or other anti-aging treatments.
Suitable for all skin types oily, mixed, dry or dehydrated.
Includes a mUSB charging cable to USB (no power adapter included) as well as a carry case and protection.
Product Warranty
6 Months

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