Terms of Product Returns

Return Policy

In case you wish to return the products you purchased because you are not happy or do not fully satisfy you, you have the right to do so within 5 business days from the date of receipt of the order. The products should be in the condition you received them, without unpacking their packaging and accompanied by the proof or sales invoice. In this case, you will only be charged for the cost of returning the products.

Withdrawal - Cancellation of order on behalf of the customer

Customer's cancellation of his order due to redemption is only accepted if the item has not yet been invoiced and given for delivery on behalf of Tforall.gr

Cancellations are made by sending an e-mail to Tforall.gr on behalf of the customer or by telephone.

The customer must declare the exact details of his order.

In the event that the customer before the cancellation declaration has paid the value of his authorized order and Tforall.gr has already received it, then Tforall.gr must return to the customer within fifteen (15) calendar days the value received in the same way that he paid (by reversing the amount in a bank account, by cash payment, reversal, etc.).

If a payment order has been given on behalf of the customer but the money has not been collected by Tforall.gr (such as in the case of a credit card billing order then Tforall.gr is obliged to delay the payment within fifteen (15) calendar days any action required and a declaration to each Competent Body (Bank, etc.) about the notification of the cancellation of the order and the obligation to repay any amount charged to the customer.

In this case Tforall.gr is deemed to have fulfilled its obligations lawfully, and the cancellation of each charge will be made in accordance with the terms of the contract linking the customer to this third party (Bank etc) and Tforall.gr does not bear any responsibility for the time of return or reversal of any relevant charges.

Product returns charged by Tforall.gr

Returns of products charged to Tforall.gr may only be made in cases where the order is incorrectly executed, ie in the case of delivery of a species other than that ordered by type or quantity, or if, at delivery, the item is damaged, totally or in most of it or if the species is found to be defective. In this case, the customer must either not accept receipt of the product from the beginning, or request his return, in consultation with Tforall.gr

The products must be returned to the condition received by the customer.

In the event that they are not returned, at the time agreed, then Tforall.gr is entitled not to accept the refund and therefore to refuse the replacement.

In all cases the product to be replaced should be returned with all the documents accompanying the product (eg DAT, Retail and so on) and full packaging.

The return will be by personal and transport means chosen by Tforall.gr

In case of return of the products, and provided the products have been previously received and checked, the customer will refund the money by canceling the debit or debit card debit.

In the case of return of goods in a pay-as-you-go payment, the money will be refunded by depositing into a bank account specified by the customer. (Do not reimburse the shipping cost)

In the event that the products are returned or destroyed, Tforall.gr reserves the right to claim compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products and unilaterally and unconditionally in total or partial offsetting of the claim to the customer.

The warranty period is not extended, renewed, or otherwise affected by the subsequent sale, repair or replacement of the product.

Product returns by customer charge

Repayment of products at customer's charge can be made in cases where the customer for any reason other than the above has changed his mind and no longer wishes to purchase the product, unless the withdrawal period mentioned below has expired, burdened by customer with their shipping costs, in consultation with Tforall.gr, as in the two above-mentioned cases, the product should be in perfect condition together with all the original documents that accompany it n the product (e.g., D.A.T., Ap. Retail so on) and complete the package. (Within 10 days)